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  • Our copiers keep breaking
  • I can’t get my printing vendor to answer the phone
  • We are continually charged overage fees for printing
  • Managing printers, ink, and paper is a nightmare
  • Our monthly printing bill keeps increasing

Hassle-free, unlimited
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  • Fully managed printer install, service and supply
  • Flat-rate contracts with no hidden fees or increases
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  • 4-hour onsite service guarantee
  • Full replacement warranty for term of contract

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Gather Information

We’ll talk through your current printing situation and needs.

Step 2

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We’ll visit your office spaces and evaluate your current equipment

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Present Solution

We’ll create a custom plan designed for your team

Step 4

Implement Solution

We’ll set up and manage printing equipment for your office spaces

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Offices we’ve elevated.

We were with Canon for many years for before meeting with Kyle at Connected Office Technologies. Our biggest frustration with Canon was the many confusing invoices they would send. We could never figure out what they were actually charging us, or if it was accurate and we would spend countless hours auditing each bill every month. The other major issue we had was managing the many different brands and models of printers scattered around our office, searching the internet for the “best deal” for ink & toner. Kyle and his team came in and did an analysis of our copier & printer fleet, and within a month was able to consolidate all of our printers and copiers down to one contract, with one flat monthly payment. We now have only 2 different machine types to manage, a super easy to read monthly bill, and we ended up cutting our print budget in half! Kyle and his team are truly experts at what they do!
Heather Simard, Controller Prototek, Hopkinton NH

I have been working with Kyle & Connected Office Technologies for over 10 years. Its refreshing to have a partner who truly cares about their business. When I call for service someone is usually here to fix any issue we have (regardless if its their machine or not) within an hour or less. The flat rate billing is simple and easy for my accounting, and has helped us to maintain an accurate print budget. I would recommend Connected Office to anyone looking to simplify their current print program.

Linda Mayrand Owner Coolidge Law Firm

I was with another “local” copier company who was acquired yet again. We would get overage bills, annual increases, and each copier was on its own different contract. Our program was difficult to manage because each machine had its own billing cycle, and every machine had a different toner cartridge. We had over 150 machines practice wide and managing them was a full time job for myself and my staff. Connected Office came to us and explained how they could consolidate all of our contracts, and standardize all of our equipment so it would be easier to manage. After the initial walkthrough of our facilities they made a recommendation to replace all equipment, and to implement software to incorporate our access badges to release print jobs and to manage the fleet. They were able to buyout all of our existing contracts, standardize our fleet, and still save us money. They are a great company to work with.

Matt Small IT Director Piper Shores Retirement Community

I have been working with Kyle for over 10 years, long before he started his own company. When he initially started doing business with us, we had a full staff of 4 people who managed the buying and implementation of our printer fleet. We had warehouses dedicated to the toner cartridges needed for all of our printers hospital wide. Our copier contracts were all over the place, with different vendors, and equipment. Kyle came in and was able to replace all of our printers, buyout and replace all of our copier contracts, and cut our overall print costs by 40%. Connected Office and their team is a pleasure to work with, very honest, and very responsive. If we ever have an issue they resolve it within a couple hours, If a machine is beyond repair they replace it no questions asked, no change to the contract.

Brooks McQuade Director of Materials Frisbie Memorial Hospital
I made the switch to Connected Office Technologies for 2 reasons.  First and most important was because they made it so EASY! Second because they were cheaper than what I was currently paying and my old company couldn’t compare.  They have saved us a lot of money.  What I like best about Connected Office Technologies is they are always right there.  They answer the phone every time I call no matter what time of day!  I never have to leave a voicemail and wait hours for a return phone call and no matter what the problem is, they always have an answer for me. They fix everything right away.  I never have to wait for anything.  When your in a busy office all day it helps to have equipment that works properly and if something does go wrong with it, it’s resolved right away.  Saves us a lot of time and headaches.  I am also very happy with the fact that I don’t have to order my own toner they just send it to me when I need it.  That’s one less thing for me to worry about.  Lastly, I love the fact that I don’t have overage fees!! Kyle is the BEST!! He is so helpful when it comes to everything you will ever need! Connected Office Technologies is lucky to have him!!
Marc Motors

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